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Hello, I am Khyati. Owner of Ambra Jewels. Adventurist by nature, designer at heart and a down to earth person. Ambra jewels is my dream my life and my passion.

Ambra Jewels wasn't something i planned, it was in my destiny as my grand pa was a silversmith. He has been my teacher, guide and inspiration. I started learning from him at a very small age, didn't knew that some day it would become my passion. Gemstones always fascinated me- their colors, textures, and the myths associated with them amazed me.

Once I completed my graduation, I did my jewelry designing and specialisation course and while doing it I always knew, where I am heading. So here I am, from curating an idea on paper to, narrating and walking through my silversmith on the design, from analysing the quality to carefully packing the jewelry, I do it all.

We are a very close knit team of me and my skilled and hardworking silversmiths. We pour our love and best wishes in each and every jewel we create.

“Every jewel is a story for us, which we live and breath”

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