An Ethereal ornament: Lapis Lazuli Jewelry - Its Ambra

An Ethereal ornament: Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Posted on February 06 2020, By: Orange Sky

An Ethereal ornament: Lapis Lazuli Jewelry - Its Ambra


Since time immemorial, the heavenly blue has been hailed as the color of dignity & divinity, & goodness and godliness. It has inadvertently become the color of royalty and prestige. This is why the deep blue Lapis Lazuli is the quintessential celestial stone that combines the energy of divine and earthly metaphysical powers. Wearing a Lapis Lazuli ring is how you can get yourself oriented towards truth and wisdom.

History and origin of Lapis Lazuli

The color ranges from rich medium to royal blue along with gold particles, also known as gold pyrites. Lower-grade Lapis jewelry reflects a comparatively lighter shade of blue with more white than gold flecks. These lower-level Lapis jewelry are also known as denim Lapis.

The golden sarcophagus of King Tutankhamen was engraved quite lavishly with Lapis. Other burial ornaments of Egyptian rulers and royalties are similarly imbibed with rich layerings of Lapis. The most common use was to formulate ornaments, like pendants.

However, there were other applications for Lapis Lazuli jewelry like grounding it into fine powder to obtain dye and other medicinal elixirs. Even the garments of royalties were dyed with Lapis to emphasize and highlight their social standing and to enable them to exert a god-like influence.

It was also widely used in ancient Greece as well as in the Roman empire, generally as an ornamental stone. In Europe, it was grounded and processed until a fine powder remained. This resulting ultramarine pigment gave an intense splash of color, which was extremely expensive and yet highly preferred by the renowned artist, Michelangelo.  

Benefits of Wearing a Lapis Lazuli jewelry

It has an excellent effect on logical and strategic thinking in the real world. It helps in arriving at a better judgment. It energizes relational understanding and stimulates wisdom. It assists in intellectual analysis and helps in improving problem-solving skills. From encouraging out of the box thinking to increasing one's creative output, Lapis Lazuli rings are a perfect remedy for a stressful professional life.

Wear a Lapis Lazuli ring and activate your mind and increase your intellectual capability to scrutinize better. It does that by igniting your inner desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding. Lapis aids the entire process of learning and helps in elevating the capacity to which you can grasp and memorize stuff.

Lapis is considered to be a stone of truth. It exudes truth and honesty, and therefore by wearing a Lapis Lazuli ring, you can encourage the flow of truth and honesty in every word you utter or write. It orients you towards speaking and advocating for truth. It helps you to imbibe your communication with sincerity. An earnest conversation with your friends and family will, in turn, deepen your relationships. This earnestness will pave the way for more loving and nurturing relationships, which will ultimately lead to a more fulfilling life.

It also helps in meditation by awakening the third-eye chakra. It is this powerful chakra that is responsible for the enhancement of intellectual abilities and memory improvement. Thus, students should wear this ring as it would be of great utility to them.

Wear a Lapis Lazuli ring to invigorate your imagination and to gain inspiration. It encourages self-awareness and eliminates negative energy. It is very beneficial to those who are dragging their feet under the emotional baggage of some kind.

Last but not least, for achieving fame and acknowledgment in the public domain - whether it is in terms of the performance or terms of prestige. It will help you to attract success and lasting recognition in your field of work.

Sources of obtaining Lapis Lazuli ring

The original location to attain lapis lazuli is the Sar-e-Sang deposit, situated in the remote district of Badakhshan in Afghanistan. One of the oldest mines in the world, there has been uninterrupted production of Lapis for over 7000 years. Even though there are other mines, none compares to the Sar-e-Sang deposit of Afghanistan.

Value determination for a Lapis Lazuli ring

To accurately determine the correct value, it has to be judged a\on the basis of the color. The color the primary component that decides the inherent value of the stone. The apex value would belong to a Lapis stone with a deep, intense blue with violet tones. Finely grained and homogeneous specimens can achieve a lot smoother and polished surface that is not usually seen among low-level Lapis. Calcite inclusions almost always dilute the value. However, pyrite inclusions serve to elevate the importance of Lapis in the eyes of collectors and jewelry admirers. The design and artistry of the ring also play a crucial role in evaluating the actual cost of the Lapis.


As surprising as it would be to wear a Lapis ring, it does require a certain amount of care and caution. It is highly recommended to opt for protective settings while carrying to wear it occasionally and not daily. It should also be kept in mind that even with the due protective care, Lapis stones in rings or bracelets may need periodic re-polishing. However, pendants, earrings, brooches, tie, or lapel pins can be worn daily without much concern. The use of soft brush and soap is advised for cleaning lapis lazuli. Avoid mechanical cleanings, like steam, ultrasonic systems, and chemical solvents.


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