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Silver has been around for as many years as gold.

The history of silver can be judged by the fact that it has been mentioned in the Bible and has been a noticeable part of the Jewish culture as well. It is mentioned as a revered currency in Bible.

Silver is believed to be one of the most expensive and valuable metals around the globe, with its value only second to gold. It has been used for purchase and sell since the Age of Exploration and not to forget, in the Pacific in the galleon trade.

One of the major uses of silver used to be in the form of coins until the 20th century, when the bank notes arrived. Coins were then minted with metals such as brass or nickel.

Silver Test

Even though silver is sold in a price less than gold but still many investors like to invest in silver business. It is used for antiques as well as for objects that we use in daily life.

We often find ourselves stuck in the crossroads that whether or not the silver that is in front of us is pure silver or not. 
You must have come across this as well, right?

Ways to Test Your Silver Jewelry

If you are one of the people who are anxious to check your silver jewelry,

We bring you some of the effective and easiest ways to do it;


Search for the Stamp


The first thing you can do to check whether or not the silver in your possession is original or not, is to check the stamp.

Note: There is a difference between silver plated and silver

International sellers place a stamp at the back of the silver, which indicates the percentage of silver that is present in the jewelry.

  • The numbers written on the silver could be something like; 800, 900, 925 etc.
  • If the number written on the back is 925, that means the jewelry is 92.5 percent silver and vice versa


Check the Sound


One of the safest ways to check whether or not the silver that you have is fake or real, you can check the sound of that particular jewelry.

In other words, it is also called the ping testing.

Any piece of authentic gold or silver is bound to chime if you struck it with a coin.

Here is how you can ping test your jewelry;

  • Take your silver jewelry and a coin
  • Strike the coin on the silver and listen to the sound that comes out of it

Base metals have a dull sound. The sound is produced for a shorter while.

If you hear a sound that is not dull and the ring appears to go on for a longer period of time, the silver you are holding is genuine.


Magnet Test

A great and quick way to test any silver jewelry, is to use the magnetic test.

One of the reasons why silver is so appreciated in the industry is its dense and ductile properties. It makes silver a highly-conductive metal. Though, it is not magnetic.

Silver is a paramagnetic metal. Magnet does not attract silver and the moment you bring them close together, is exactly the moment when you can distinguish whether its fake or original.

To help you check whether or not your jewelry is purely made out of silver, we’ll discuss the method of magnet test below;

  • Buy a normal size magnet
  • Place the magnet near the silver jewelry
  • As you observe the silver, watch if it attracts or repels
  • If it shows no attracting movement, then good news for you because you have yourself pure silver jewelry

You can’t fully rely on this test because there are many metals that are not attracted to magnets but still look like silver. Perform other tests along with the magnetic method, in order to get the best results.


Thermal Energy

We’ve heard since our childhood that silver is an excellent thermal conductor.

Owing to this property of silver, it is easier for you to check the authenticity of gold.

Here’s how you can do it;

  • Take an ice cube and a part of your silver jewelry
  • Place the ice on the silver jewelry
  • If the ice starts melting instantly, then it is pure silver
  • In case of fake silver, the ice will melt unhurriedly

It is a simple method that does not require much tools. Besides, it gives you a clear idea about the quantity of your silver jewelry.


Tarnishing Test/ Acid Test


If you have been gifted a silver jewelry set or even if you have bought one from a suspicious jewelry store, it is time you check it.

You will need to take safety measures while performing this experiment;

  • Take a piece of your silver jewelry and a small quantity of bleach
  • Cover your hands with gloves
  • Expose silver to a drop of bleach
  • If the piece of jewelry that comes in contact with bleach tarnishes, then it is pure silver

While, you use a test acid in order to check the silver through acid.

  • Pour a drop of acid on the silver
  • Acid is a mixture of nitric acid and muriatic acid
  • If the acid changes into wrong color then your jewelry is fake
  • If the color of acid turns into correct color then your silver is pure

This method is one of the least suitable methods to test the purity of silver as it will spoil your property and is equally dangerous.


If you’ve bought your jewelry from a store that you have high doubts about, it is wise to check it through every reliable method.

Best Method for You


There are a number of methods you can use to check the purity of your silver jewelry, the best method for you is the Thermal Energy method.

It is easy for you to perform, it is cost-friendly and will not inflict any damage on your silver jewelry.

When buying silver or gold, always make sure that you opt for trusted dealers.


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